Photography enthusiast – A chat with Ahmed W. Khan

April 26, 2016 - 3 minutes read


First thing’s first, tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, I am an IT graduate working in a Banking Sector for last 8 years but apart from this I am a passionate photographer. I love to experiment different fields whether it is conceptual, macro, fashion, wedding photography, architecture or nature. But my true love of photography lies in conceptual, nature and along with it architecture. I truly believe in wondering around the world and showing a slightly different perspective of it.c

When did your career officially start?

It was back in 2005 while I was in England to complete my MSc Degree, the beauty of nature struck me or you can say inspired me to capture those exquisite sights of both the lush green landscapes and the London city itself.
It was then that I bought my first DSLR however the journey started long ago with the mini digital camera I used to have (Konica Minolta).

What has been a seminal experience?

My conceptual work I’d say has really brought out the creativity in me and I was able to express so much to the world with it by just using everyday objects, bringing them together in such a way that they give a whole new meaning to the subject.

What art do you most identify yourself with?

In the beginning it was my conceptual work that brought me some acknowledgement but now landscapes and architectural photography has taken over it.


What did you do to gain so much knowledge about photography?

Nothing in particular. I prefer doing experiments. Whatever I have done in photography so far I have learned it all by myself by trying different settings, tools plus other beautiful images that kept inspiring me.


What is your dream project?
Well I won’t say a project but my dream or you can say my desire is to travel the world and capture the best shots and bring them to everyone.

What role does the artist have in a society?
Very important I must say. It’s a very big responsibility of an artist to describe the various aspects of life. It can provide a whole new vision of the world in a good way or the other.

 Any message for youth.
My message for youth is to work hard and make progress in their respective fields with honesty. Don’t look for shortcuts. Learn more, experiment more and keep trying until you succeed. At any point never think you cannot achieve your goal.

Words for RF Studio.
Live your dreams. fear no boundaries and achieve your goals.
Keep up the good work. You guys are already doing a great job at it.


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Interviewed by: Uzair Ahmed Shah Bukhari
Published by: Asma Zainab

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