Flaming Speech By a Flame

August 15, 2011 - 1 minute read

Flaming Speech by a Debater  from Hailey College PU at NASCON 2009 Declamation Competition.
His main Idea was why our Engineers and doctors leave Pakistan. If one Abdul Qadeer could make Pakistan a Nuclear Power then with all those Pakistanis settled abroad if come back and work for their land could make it better than China, USA, Japan.


Why don’t we stay in our own country that gives us whatever we ask from it? Why do we take it for-granted in the way we take our relationships? When it gives us so much, why do we look for more and leave our own homeland to get what we DON’T deserve? Instead of adding more to those countries which are already leading, why don’t we put it in our own soil? Just think over it. It’s time to revolutionize! Now or never!


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