Lord Of The Universe, Who Is One

November 20, 2012 - 1 minute read


Rising from despair,
Of the dark, stinging night.
Our sights are greeted,
Hearts enlightened
and souls are freshen
By this orange yellow chum
Rising in the east.

For a bleak heart,
It brings some light of hope
For a soldier on the boarder,
It speaks of strength and courage
For a spider in the web,
It calls for survival
For an orphan in the street,
It shows a shelter
For a lost passenger,
It brightens up the path
For a dejected paramour,
It comes up with a ray of life.

For a dew drop,
It talks of a cease
For a dark cloud,
It depicts a commence
For a drowning boat,
It gives some span
For me, it speaks in one tone
For you, it shows the other rhythm

This is what,
Remind us of the One,
Who created me and you,
Who embrace our beings,
with His glory and divinity.


Written By: Hira Nazir

Photo Credits: Ahmed Rasheed



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