One Night on the Roof

October 26, 2012 - 1 minute read



One by one they vanished and no star stayed along,
As night moved on and dark started to kill the song.
A gentle breeze kissed my face and reminded me;
Of the days, like a broken leaf, when I was free.

Tell me your secret, don’t hide! I can see your eyes.
Your heart is full of red moist love and some cries.
Far across the town, when I saw glow in those clouds,
Standing in faded lights, my heartbeat shrouds.

I reduce my life inch by inch by taking sneak,
in the realm of lifelessness at smothering peak.
By clouding my eyes with the mist of uncertainty,
I am surrounded by stars, their glow is dainty.

Written By: Basit M. Bhat

Photo Credits: XeonDuke Productions

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