Some words with SomeWhatSuper on their super comeback

May 9, 2016 - 7 minutes read


SomeWhatSuper rose to fame with Bandook released last summer on Patari taking social media by the storm and earning them great appreciation. They are back with not one but TWO new tracks, also released on Patari on 7th January. The duo behind SomeWhatSuper, Feroz and Talha provide an exclusive insight on both of their tracks.

SomeWhatSuper never disappoints. The first track has a rather peculiar title but being a desi we love it all the same. Called ‘Anday wala burger’ SomeWhatSuper have readily won our hearts again with a scrumptious track bearing their signature electronic dance beats. Here’s how this track came into being,

  • Where did the inspiration for this track come from or was the inspiration much literal? What’s the story behind it?

We usually work on different urdu vocal samples since we don’t have much people around in Pakistan who give their vocals for remix purposes so instead we search viral videos and use them as vocals to practice our skills. We had been working on Anday Wala Burger for a while until Chand Nawab really got viral in recent times. So we thought this is the right time to release this experiment. I think it came out good.

  • How did you manage to incorporate the vocals like that into the music?

You see, making EDM is very unorthodox. Nobody actually sings on your track. You pick up couple of words and mash them up so tight that it sounds like someone is singing on your track.

The second and my current obsession is Patang (After Hours Remix) featuring vocals by Umer Farooq, a rendition of the original song Patang. The talent behind the splendid artwork is Amar Ali who also created the cover art for Bandook. Patang is a candid mix of soulful vocals, gorgeous lyrics and killer beats. The original track came out two months ago and was massively admired as well. Whether it’s a drive around town or clubbing, this track will rock it all. Here’s how Umer Farooq describes his experience with SomeWhatSuper,

“I met Feroz (one half of SomeWhatSuper duo) a few months back while we were doing the video of my upcoming single ‘Teri Ay’. Feroz, who is also the part of this amazing team Stopmotion Digital made me listen to some of his future projects. That was some crazy stuff right there. We kinda made each other listen to our future projects and Feroz really liked Patang and showed interest in doing its SomeWhatSuper version. Later he discussed it with Talha Dar (the other half of SomeWhatSuper) and we were onto it. After a three months cooking by this amazing duo, here we have the version of Patang that I had never imagined while I was writing this song. One can never tell if it’s the same band, if he listens to Bandook and Patang consecutively. That’s how good SomeWhatSuper is with experiments. And as far as the response is concerned, it’s really great. Patari has played the key role in making it heard to a much bigger and better audience. Moreover, SomeWhatSuper and I have intentions to do another collaboration. Here’s to more music.”

SomeWhatSuper have similar thoughts on the collaboration,

  • How and why did you decide that Patang by Umer Farooq was the track you wanted to work on next?

Actually Umer Farooq is a good friend of ours. When he recorded Patang, he sent us the final version for us to listen. I think the moment we heard Patang for the first time, we decided to work on it and make it according to SomeWhatSuper. To us, the best thing about SomeWhatSuper is that we try to make tracks we imagine. We don’t sit in the studios specifically to make a creative track or a catchy melody. We are making tunes 24/7. We just bring them into life once we sit in the studio.

  • Was it an easy production, did you struggle at all?

Bandook had 24 demos, Patang had only 2. We were able to pull off Patang in one go but making it pitch perfect took us almost 6 months. We tried car stereo, laptop speakers, studio monitors and what not. We just wanted to polish the sound right.

  • What’s the future of SomeWhatSuper? Dropping singles or is there an album in the making?

The aesthetics of releasing music has changed worldwide and we also need to adopt this technique. Of course if we were in 2000s right now, we might have released an album. Not anymore.

Khalid Bajwa, co-founder Patari took to twitter to express his thoughts,

“What I love about SomeWhatSuper is that after the success of Bandook, they didn’t stick to a formula but did something totally new.”


Verily, SomeWhatSuper have brought new innovative ideas and fresh music to the industry. What they call experiment, we see unconventionality and creativity. Moreover, people seem to love it. They’re already working on more music and we see a bright future for them.

 Compiled by: Asma Zainab (Leader Talent Hunt)




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