If this world would have felt, My tears behind smile, My cackle hiding my cry,…

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Sacred dreams

His name was Joseph, an 8 year old with dreams larger than life. Meeting that…

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girl crying in rain

I Saw Her Crying !

The gloomy nights, The frightening echoes, The roaring clouds, The shouting lightning, Is this the…

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I Volunteer – Happiness

Eid is a time when kids are eager to celebrate and enjoy each and every…

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I Volunteered – An Idea to Bring Cheers

I have this friend who’s like “all work and no play” , the maximum he…

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Why just I?

You always ask me Why not we? Why just I? I use to give a…

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Once … I was alive!

Dead by being prospered beyond the dreams of avarice, I closed my eyes from the…

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Fog and I

365/365 I turned off my laptop right after a complex assignment and leaned back at…

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Happy Endings

346/365   Through the wilderness and despair Comes the hope and longing To live what…

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